MedSciNet Studies

MedSciNet’s Studies platform is a reliable, feature-rich, and highly customisable online environment with a 15 year track record of sucessfully hosting studies and clinical trials of all scopes and sizes.

Full Featured

MedSciNet’s Studies system design draws on our extensive experience and expertise in developing web-based software for medical research and offers a sophisticated online application package for hosting, maintaining, and monitoring projects of every size and complexity. MedSciNet’s standard study system implementation features a complete set of components required for setting up a fully functional study or clinical trial. The system provides support for rich and interactive data entry forms and flexible workflow structures, as well as advanced data validation, analysis, and exporting capabilities.

Highly Customisable

MedSciNet’s study and clinical trial implementations can be further customised to suit your specific needs and requirements on a case by case basis. A variety of optional add-on modules offers specialised features such as tools for automated patient randomisation, full implementation of data monitoring, and support for patient self-reporting functionality.

Easily Integrated

MedSciNet Studies is built to seamlessly integrate with MedSciNet’s other products, notably MedSciNet Tracker, a system for registering, managing, and administering medical research projects. If required, MedSciNet Studies can be set up to work alongside or in conjunction with other related software such as electronic patient record systems and external databases.

Flexibly Hosted

MedSciNet Studies is normally hosted from our dedicated data centre with around-the-clock operation monitoring, daily backups, and complete system redundancy. When necessary, MedSciNet Studies software can also be installed and configured to run as a standalone system on your own server.

Stable and Robust

MedSciNet Studies platform is powered by our online database framework (MedSciNet Clinical Trial Framework), which was developed to meet the strict requirements for system integrity, security, and stability that are essential for critical medical research applications. Solutions built on the MedSciNet Clinical Trial Framework currently support over a hundred active research projects by some of the world’s leading universities and medical facilities.

Well Supported

We pride ourselves in providing superior and personalised customer support. Queries regarding our services are addressed and often solved within 24 hours of submission. We are also available for in-depth discussion and advice during every stage of our customers’ projects.

In Short