The Swedish National Pregnancy Registry is growing!

MedSciNet launched the present revised version of the Swedish National Pregnancy Registry one year ago. Since then, the Registry has been growing as an increasing number of Swedish regions have been connected.

The Registry is based on earlier registries for maternal healthcare and fetal diagnostics with minimal web-based manual entry of information. The majority of information in the Registry is collected from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems. There is a challenge of integrating all Swedish regions because the EMR systems differ, which has required specific solutions to connect with the Registry. This work is now nearing completion for the major system, as transfer of medical records has been established for a majority of the regions. In the fall we will continue with the other 2 major EMR systems.

The Registry enables comparisons between hospitals and national data, in order to identify and learn from the top healthcare providers. This work ultimately leads to improved pregnancy and neonatal care. Read more about the Swedish National Pregnancy Registry here.