ROLO Kids, an EarlyNutrition Study


MedSciNet has finished development of the online application for ROLO Kids – a longitudinal follow-up study to the ROLO randomised control trial with the objective of investigating whether the risk of obesity in children associated with exposure to nutritional excess in early life can be reduced by interventions in pregnancy that are rapidly translatable to clinical practice.

Large for gestational age or macrosomic infants are predisposed to a variety of adverse obstetric and neonatal outcomes, and delivery of a large infant significantly increases the risk of birth complications for the mother. In the long term, infants at the highest end of the distribution for weight or body mass index are more likely to be obese in childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood than are other infants, and they are at greater risk of cardiovascular and metabolic complications later in life.

The ROLO Kids study will follow up mothers and children from the ROLO trial at 6 months, 2 years and 5 years of age in order to determine whether maternal nutrition/low GI diet in pregnancy had an effect on childhood weight or adiposity. It will also study the growth and development of a cohort of Irish children and the effect of environment on growth and adiposity.

ROLO Kids study is part of the EarlyNutrition project, an international collaborative investigation into long term effects of early nutrition on later health.