MedSciNet's Applications Go Mobile

As many of our daily computing tasks are increasingly shifting from stationary to mobile, we at MedSciNet are staying current by releasing a version of our Clinical Trial Framework optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

MedSciNet’s Mobile CTF is built as an extension of the latest version of our Clinical Trial Framework. Relying on its time-tested core strengths such as reliability, performance, and security, Mobile CTF enhances the platform for mobile use by employing the latest design techniques and best practices in mobile usability.

Applications powered by MedSciNet’s Mobile CTF provide an intuitive user interface tailored for comfortable operation on handheld devices and contain multiple improvements to mobile user experience such as simplified CRF views, context based navigation and form elements, and expanded touch targets for finger-based interaction.

MedSciNet’s Mobile CTF features a fully responsive design, ensuring that its applications will look and function equally well regardless of the type of the device or the size of its screen.

If you are interested in learning more about MedSciNet’s Mobile CTF or would like to discuss how your MedSciNet application can be adapted to support mobile devices, do not hesitate to contact MedSciNet by filling out the Contact Us form or giving us a call on +44 7917 234887.