MedSciNet Partners with Folding Space

Folding Space

MedSciNet AB and its subsidiary in the UK have entered into collaboration with Folding Space of Birmingham, England to address the growing needs of medical companies and institutions wishing to outsource their document IT needs to skilled partners who can offer expertise, experience, and solutions at cost effective rates.

Founded in 1999, Folding Space develops and delivers innovative software technology to generate complementary products, applications, and components that present a Single Unified View (SUV) of the relevant data and/or document corpus.

The data and/or document corpuses are typically enterprise-wide (e.g. electronic document management, data charting & visualisation), although they can be easily adapted to any department or division level that the organisation requires (e.g. scanning systems to achieve 'paperlite' operations, secure document sharing over the Internet).

The SUV objective is to provide a better means for translating structured and unstructured data into information with focus on relevance and knowledge management.

While MedSciNet will help Folding Space expand its reach into the medical market, Folding Space will provide MedSciNet’s worldwide clientele its leading edge approach to document and data management systems.

For more information on Folding Space, please visit their homesite at