MedSciNet demos Builder at medical research symposium

Läkartidningen: Verktyg för Klinisk Forskning

MedSciNet will demonstrate Builder, an online tool for creating clinical studies, at the Swedish Medical Association research symposium Verktyg för Klinisk Forskning in Stockholm on November 25th.

Clinical research is a prerequisite for the development and improvement of healthcare. The aim of the symposium is to inspire such research and to provide advice on everything from grant writing to research methodologies and scientific publishing. For the second year in a row, MedSciNet has been invited to showcase innovative and robust platforms for carrying out clinical trials and studies.

MedSciNet Builder is an powerful, cloud-based application that allows you to easily design, generate, and maintain complete online solutions for running and managing studies and clinical trials. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop page layout editor, MedSciNet Builder supports Clinical Research Form (eCRF) design, data validation, UI customization and application deployment on MedSciNet servers for immediate access over the Internet. With MedSciNet Builder, no programming skills are required for creating fully functional study applications.

To learn more about the symposium and to register, click here. Hope to see you there!