MedSciNet Builder User Workshops

MedSciNet Builder User Workshops

The MedSciNet Builder User Workshops are up and running in Stockholm!

Are you interested in hands on experience with innovative medical cloudware? Would you like the chance to influence the future of Electronic Data Capture solutions? Or simply to learn more about Clinical Data Management in studies and trials?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you should join a MedSciNet Builder User Workshop! The workshops combine theory and practical sessions on Online Clinical Data Management in the MedSciNet Clinical Trials Framework. Participants have the opportunity to create a sample application using MedSciNet Builder, a powerful and easy-to-use web based tool for specifying Clinical Research Forms (eCRFs), validating data, customising the UI with MedSciNet’s drag-and-drop page layout editor and deploying the application on MedSciNet servers for online access. Requiring no programming knowledge, MedSciNet Builder handles all technical details, allowing you to focus on the study design.

To receive more information about the workshop content and schedule, please sign up on our facebook page.