Major new release of MedSciNet Builder in development

MedSciNet Builder

MedSciNet Builder is undergoing a complete and thorough overhaul as part of the next major release. The new version is designed to make the most user-friendly study application creator on the market even better! Development is underway and users can expect to get access the new MedSciNet Builder later this year.

MedSciNet Builder is a powerful and intuitive web-based tool for creating complete online applications, which acquire and store patient medical data for the purpose of clinical trials and studies. The user is presented with an intuitive drag-and-drop based graphical interface that makes the process of study building simple and efficient. A wide variety of form elements and components are provided, for designing rich and interactive electronic CRFs with real-time validation and assisted data entry. In addition, MedSciNet Builder may be customized with specialized add-on modules, supporting advanced features, such as data monitoring, auditing, and reporting.

What you can expect from the new release of MedSciNet Builder:

  • Upgrade to the latest technology, in terms of performance and security
  • More streamlined workflow
  • Further improved user interface

We are looking forward to offering you the new and improved MedSciNet Builder experience. Contact us to hear about how MedSciNet Builder could facilitate creating your next study!