IMPROvED: Improved Pregnancy Outcomes via Early Detection

IMPROvED: Improved pregnancy outcomes via early detection

MedSciNet has implemented and helped launch the online database and biobank for IMPROvED, a multi-centre clinical study of predictive testing for pre-eclampsia, with clinical centres in Ireland, U.K, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

5% of first time pregnancies are complicated by pre-eclampsia, the leading cause of maternal death in Europe. No clinically useful screening test exists; consequentially clinicians are unable to offer targeted surveillance or preventative strategies. IMPROvED Consortium members have pioneered a personalised medicine approach to identifying blood-borne biomarkers through recent technological advancements, involving mapping of the blood metabolome and proteome. The key objective is to develop a sensitive, specific, high-throughput and economically viable early pregnancy screening test for pre-eclampsia.

The IMPROvED study is expected to refine proteomic and metabolomic panels, combined with clinical parameters, and evaluate clinical applicability as an early pregnancy predictive test for pre-eclampsia. If 'at risk' patients can be identified, this will allow stratified care with personalised fetal and maternal surveillance, early diagnosis, timely intervention, and significant health economic savings. The IMPROvED biobank will be accessible to the European scientific community for high quality research into the cause and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcome.

The IMPROvED project is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the EU (FP7).

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