DupCheck available to MedSciNet clients


MedSciNet users will now be able to run DupCheck in the background of their applications, as part of a collaborative effort between MedSciNet and DupCheck. DupCheck is a web-based tool used globally to screen for duplicate patients in clinical trials across studies, sponsors and therapeutic areas.

Duplicate patient enrolment potentially harms both patients and studies. In many therapeutic areas even a small number of duplicate patients can lead to a negative or failed trial. In addition, enrolling duplicate patients can result in a misattributed serious adverse event. DupCheck provides real time information on attempted duplicate enrolment at time of screening and does not require additional data entry. No identifiable patient or sponsor data is transmitted, stored or shared. DupCheck is part of NEWMEDS, an international consortium of scientists sponsored by the Innovative Medicines Initiative and EFPIA that has launched one of the largest ever research academic-industry collaboration projects to find new methods for drug development.

For more information on DupCheck, please contact and to learn more about using this service as a MedSciNet client, please contact