MedSciNet — Well Managed Medical Data

We believe in a healthier world. By contributing to well-organised and high-quality medical data, we create preconditions for clinical researchers and other professionals to achieve important medical breakthroughs and innovations.

COVID-19 Update

MedSciNet is proud to participate in the global fight against COVID-19. We are actively supporting several of our customers as they rapidly expand their efforts towards the study of various aspects of the pandemic and its impact.

If you are involved in COVID-19 research and require expedited assistance with cloud-based clinical data management software to help you in your work, do not hesitate to get in touch!

What we do

Promote and facilitate well-managed medical data for a healthier future.

We are specialised in building and managing tailor-made database applications for clinical trials, quality registers, and other projects within the field of academic medicine.

For whom we do it

For clinical researchers and other professionals in medicine and academia.

We assist clinical researchers and other professionals in medicine and academia to improve the quality, utility, and management of medical data, from its collection to analysis.

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Why we do it

To help reach important medical and scientific breakthroughs and innovations.

We want to make the world a healthier place and we see well-organised medical data as critical for enabling important medical breakthroughs and innovations.

MedSciNet Studies


MedSciNet’s study platform is a reliable, feature-rich, and highly customisable online environment with a 20-year track record of successfully hosting studies and clinical trials of all scopes and sizes.

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MedSciNet Registries


MedSciNet’s registry platform provides a rich and versatile online environment for hosting registries, featuring powerful tools for all phases of the project’s life cycle, from data collection to analysis.

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MedSciNet Biobanks


MedSciNet Biobank platform is a web-based system for storing and tracking biomaterial sample data alongside patients’ clinical information for versatile specimen cataloguing, management, and retrieval.

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This interactive map below shows the publications resulting from MedSciNet backed projects by their geographical location. Clicking on any of the map markers will open a panel with a link to the respective paper.

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